Delivery Information

UniHobbies has courier options from as little as R70 on any items, we courier to any town in South Africa, Big or Small packages.

While we strive to keep as complete an inventory as possible, at times we will be out of stock of items when they are ordered. Often this will not affect timely order fulfilment. Quantity shown on the store is not always reliable due to sales through other sources, although every 14 days we get a new shipment of stock, so you may order at anytime you wish. However, if an extended delay in processing your order arises, we will notify you with an estimated delivery time.

UniHobbies supplies From Cables, Motors, Tools, Microcontrollers, DIY Kits, Radio Control Goodies and a lot more.

We are a new company in South Africa, supporting Country-Wide delivery suited for Hobbiest and Dealers. UniHobbies offers impressive technical services such as great 24/7 support with hundreds of members on our Forum including the ability to ask and answer to posts on the forum.