BlueTooth (HC-06) Serial Module

BlueTooth (HC-06) Serial Module 

The HC-06 Serial Bluetooth module can be easily used with Arduino for wireless serial communication.

Note: No Jumper/Wires are included with this unit, if you do not have Jumpers then please aquire them: Jumper Wires


1) Wireless serial bluetooth port.

2) With free power adapter bottom board come with well power regulator.

User can connect 3.3 to 5VDC and connect TX and RX to your control IO (general 3.3 to 5V digital input output of MCU or  IO is ok, or general TLL IO)

3) Easy to connect this module with PC, just search and key "1234" passcode.

4) With white SMD LED on the adapter board, can see the Bluetooth connection status.


Industrial serial port bluetooth, Drop-in replacement for wired serial connections, transparent usage. You can use it.


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BlueTooth (HC-06) Serial Module

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