Five Way Flame Sensor Module - Analog / Digital
Five Way Flame Sensor Module - Analog / Digital
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Five Way Flame Sensor Module - Analog / Digital

Product Description

  • The flame sensor design five, wide range of detection (detection range of single flame sensor common in about 30 degrees, with the increase of the distance range decreased gradually, the product range is greater than 120 degrees)
  • It can output digital signal (high and low level), easy to use
  • It can output analog signal (voltage signal), can be more accurate measurement signal, suitable for high precision occasions
  • The output of the five circuits all has a state indicating lamp, which brings great convenience both in debugging and in practical use.
  • Digital output detection range adjustable, analog output sensitivity adjustable, more flexible design
  • Using the design of the 1% resistance (the flame sensor on the market is designed with the resistance of the 5%), the signal output is more accurate, suitable for high precision measurement occasions
  • plates with 3 M3 mounting holes for easy mounting
  • 83.3V-9V power supply, compatible with most SCM systems
  • SMD devices all use SMT process automatic welding, military quality trustworthy

Working principleļ¼š

This product can detect the flame emitted range of 700 - 1100 nm short wavelength near infrared (SW-NIR), through the electrical signal (voltage signal) output.
Suitable occasion:
All flame detection required occasions
Use case:
firefighting robot
Fire alarm

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Five Way Flame Sensor Module - Analog / Digital

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