Arduino Basic Breadboard Kit
Arduino Basic Breadboard Kit
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Arduino Basic Breadboard Kit

Product Description

This is the basic Breadboard kit that comes with all the neccessary components that may be useful.

Product Package Contents

400 Holes Bread Board X 1
Colorful Bread Line X 30
Resistor 100R X 10
Resistor 220R X 10
Resistor 330R X 10
Resistor 1K X 10
Resistor 4.7K X 10
Resistor 10K X 10
Resistor 47K X 10
Resistor 100K X 10
Ceramic Capacitor 100PF X 10
Ceramic Capacitor 10NF  X  10
Ceramic Capacitor 50NF  X  10
Ceramic Capacitors 22PF  X 10
Electrolytic Capacitor 10UF X 10
Electrolytic Capacitor 470UF X 10
LED Green X 10
LED Red X 10
LED Yellow X 10
LED Blue X 10
Button Switch Green X 2
Button Switch Red X 2
Button Switch Yellow X 2
Button Switch Blue X 2
40P pin headers X 1
Potentiometer 10K X 1
Buzzer X 2
Resistance Card X 1
Plastic Box X 1

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Arduino Basic Breadboard Kit

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