High Powered Voltage Dimming Speed Regulator - 4000W
High Powered Voltage Dimming Speed Regulator - 4000W
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High Powered Voltage Dimming Speed Regulator - 4000W

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  • Product Name: 4000W AC voltage regulator
  • Thyristor Model: BTA41600B
  • Size: length 85 * width 55 * height 38mm, knob hole 6mm.
  • Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power), a long time to reduce power use, recommended room temperature resistive load 2000W use (key parameters, please note).
  • Efficiency: more than 90%
  • Working voltage: AC 220V
  • Regulating voltage: AC 0-220V, resistive load conditions, up to ten volts, the callback can be 0.
  • Regulator size: length 85mm * width 55mm * height 35mm
  • Fuse with shell voltage regulator safer, easier to install, more suitable for home and not easy to install the factory business.

The use of 1.6-thick FR-4 high temperature circuit board, the circuit design is reasonable, and increase the thickened welding circuit design, even if the large current is sufficient to deal with, the use of safer and more reliable.

Circuit after several technical improvements, selection of each accessory, is now fully mature technology. The use of dual-capacitor design (safety capacitor + metal film capacitors) effectively absorb surge and voltage spikes, more effective protection of silicon, the use of more efficient and more secure.
External 1.5 thick aluminum and stainless steel stamping molding, more suitable for home thermostat speed and industrial use! Beautiful, safe, convenient, It will not rust and provides excellent performance.

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High Powered Voltage Dimming Speed Regulator - 4000W

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