Wind Sensor - Anemometer/360 degree
Wind Sensor - Anemometer/360 degree
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Wind Sensor - Anemometer/360 degree

Product Description

  • Accuracy: + - 1m / s
  • Start Wind: 0.2-0.4m / s   
  • Voltage output type:  Range: 0 ~ 32.4m / s
  • Supply voltage: 7V ~ 24VDC
  • Output signals: 0.4~2V
  • Wind speed values :( output voltage- 0.4 /1.6*32.4    
  • Small size
  • Easy installation
  • High accuracy
  • Wide range,
  • Good stability
  • Data linearity,
  • Signal Transmission: distance is long, strong anti-interference abilities
  • Applications:  Used in wind speed measurements greenhouse, environmental protection, weather stations, ships, docks, farming and other environments.    

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Wind Sensor - Anemometer/360 degree

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