PLC Controller - 13MT 8 input 5 Transistors output

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PLC Controller - 13MT 8 input 5 Transistors output

Product Description

The PLC controller 8 input 5 transistors output is very easy to use, providing stability and long lasting life. We provide Input and Output wiring diagram upon purchase, we provide complete support on our PLC controllers!

  • Power supply is DC24V  
  • Support connecting HMI  and LED text display
  • Supports two stepper motors connected(relay out don't support)
  • Supports encoder

The PLC Controller use industrial grade 32-bit CPU,it is  powerful, faster, more stable performance, special encryption make PLC that can not be cracked nor hacked, It is safe and reliable.


Ladder diagram computer programming is flexible and convenient for you, (note: it only serial  RS232 ports, no RS485 interface), and human-computer interface (touch screen text display) supporting the use of Confidential performance is good, the inside of the programming function cannot be copied, protect your plc system.

Don't need software conversion, direct download monitoring and normal PLC as download mode
Can directly use mitsubishi programming software GX Developer programming, download, debugging and monitoring.

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Product Package

1 X PLC controller
1 X Rs232 cable
1 X Programmer software and manual download link.