PLC Text Display - OP320-A RS232/RS485
PLC Text Display - OP320-A RS232/RS485
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PLC Text Display - OP320-A RS232/RS485

Product Description

This is the LED Text display MD204L OP320-A text viewer RS232/RS485 modbus protocol 3X 4X, inexpensive and simple to use. Connect it up to your PLC controller / device and start using!

  • Cost-effective Monochrome LCD with 20 key-presses
  • Key-press can be defined as function keys control the PLC
  • PLC's  data and value monitor . Suitable for various PLC controllers and devices!
  • Alarm information list, display current alarm information by items at real time!
  • Support the modbus protocol 3X 4X.

Product Specifications

Multiple PLC devices that work: 

Product Package

1 X Text display 1pc
1 X Rs232 cable 1pc
1 X Manual Guide Installation

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PLC Text Display - OP320-A RS232/RS485

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