A3 CNC DIY Pen Drawbot Machine

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A3 CNC DIY Pen Drawbot Machine

Product Description

This is the amazing A3 CNC DIY Pen Drawbot Machine, Easy to use, Easy to setup, and start drawing, writing in multiple different fonts, shapes, and sizes without using your hand!

Complete setup guide and installation instructions provided upon order. Pen is provided with the drawbot machine.

  • A3 uses corexy motion design, simple and stable structure, writing and painting functions, and can be expanded to laser engraving machine.           
  • The product adopts a corexy structure design, which realizes the simultaneous fixing of two motors, reduces the weight of moving parts, reduces the inertia of moving parts, and accelerates even more in the same driving force situation.                
  • Acrylic body's mechanical consistency and stability are better than 3D prints, ensuring the product's cost performance
  • The newly designed stable pen holder and high-precision pen holder ensure the accuracy of writing and painting. The self-lubricating copper sleeve is more smooth and accurate.                
  • The gear belt synchronizer is easy to install and ensures the stability of the whole timing belt.                
  • The brand control panel is manufactured using automated production lines with reasonable design lines, reliable manufacturing processes, and qualified product inspections. The stability is much higher than that of other brands.       
  • Factory mass production, flying probe test, improve the reliability of the control board. 
  • Supports multiple software  ELEKSCAM  Inkscape.
  • Support steering gear, can make engraving machine, egg painting robots.
  • Support 100mw-10w laser module, PWM 1000 level laser power adjustment to maximize laser module functions.  






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